Human Abolghasemi

For the user who laughs : )

Hey there. Greetings.
Recently, designers have focused a lot on the visual aspect of their designs.
Leaving out the aspects of user experience and interface design that simplify the work of the user.
It has been my job for three years to come up with a plan that includes interviews and research to make that user laugh.

About Me


  • I’m Human.
  • twenty six years old.
  • Born and living in Tehran.
  • Bachelor of software Engineering from the University of Science and Culture.
  • I have been working at Tosan for two years now.
  • Before that, I was product designer of Banimode.

My current focus is on user interface design and user experience design (UI/UX Design) and product design (Product Design) with a variety of companies and professional teams. I have collaborated on projects part-time and full-time for more than four years, and I am currently available for collaboration.

Identity card name: Alireza

Date of birth: October 97

Address: Tehran, Iran


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Tehran, Iran